Ducti Monster Review

Welcome to Duct Tape Week. Today's wallet is the Ducti Monster Wallet from Ace Hardware for $8.

This wallet wins points for a great design. Behind the 3 credit card pockets is a nifty flap which provides easy access to your most commonly used cards. The important seams are carefully constructed to minimize stickiness. It's simple and practical.

But Ducti loses points for cheating. The inside of the billfold is vinyl, not duct tape. This is an abomination to the purist.

In summary, it's practical, and the price is right. I'm willing to overlook some cheating.


  1. Anonymous3/06/2010

    Just got one and love it. I especially like that it looks more like a hand made (tried my own a few times but just didn't come out exactly right) and looks better to me as opposed to Ducti's line of other duct tape wallets they have which to me are a little too commercialized. This is more like the real deal and all my stuff fits perfectly. I'm just surprised its not on ducti's site. I've only seen it thru Ace hardware. Maybe an exclusive to them only??

  2. I am one of the founders of Ducti and the designer of the Monster wallet, and I assure you that the inside of wallet is indeed Duct Tape. But... you do get points for astute observation in that instead of two pieces of duct tape stuck back to back (tape material, fabric, glue + glue, fabric and tape material) we put the inside tape material straight onto the outer finished tape which results in this: inner tape material (same as outer material), glue, fabric, outer tape material. We did this so you wouldn't have all that extra glue oozing out of your wallet onto your hard earned cash or favorite blue jeans.