myDuctbills Review

OhGizmo has a very detailed review of myDuctbills. So you can either (a) pay $20 for a kit or (b) pay $5 for a roll of duct tape and figure it out. Being a cheapskate tinkerer, I'm inclined to figure it out.
I’m actually quite surprised how much I enjoyed the myDuctbills kit. If you’re a fan of DIY projects or love seeing the ’some assembly required’ warning on boxes then I guarantee you’ll have a good time with this.
OhGizmo Review - db clay myDuctbills Kit


Tapebubba Wallet

Gaffer tape is for girls.
(And technically stagehands.)

$20 plus $2 shipping.

Navy with blue mosaic by tapebubba


Shalgo Duct Tape Review

The Shalgo Duct Tape Wallet is brilliant. Urban Outfitters carries them for $20 plus $6 shipping.

A card inside the wallet says it was made by "Dutch duct tape ninjas." The colors and layout are aesthetically pleasing. Every seam is covered to minimize tackiness. The design is very clever.

It's a little expensive, but that's offset by the quality of construction. The wallet could use a few more credit card pockets, but I'm just being nitpicky.

Thank you, Dutch duct tape ninjas.

Duct Tape Wallet
by Shalgo


jDUCT Atari Wallet

We had a Intellivision. That's right, I grew up on Burgertime. Little known trivia - the word "assault" comes from the root word "salt" which refers to the peppering of enemies in Burgertime.

But nobody cares about my childhood. Everyone makes Atari stuff; nobody makes Intellivision stuff. Screw you, jDUCT.

Atari Duct Tape Wallet by jDUCT [via technabob]


Ducti Monster Review

Welcome to Duct Tape Week. Today's wallet is the Ducti Monster Wallet from Ace Hardware for $8.

This wallet wins points for a great design. Behind the 3 credit card pockets is a nifty flap which provides easy access to your most commonly used cards. The important seams are carefully constructed to minimize stickiness. It's simple and practical.

But Ducti loses points for cheating. The inside of the billfold is vinyl, not duct tape. This is an abomination to the purist.

In summary, it's practical, and the price is right. I'm willing to overlook some cheating.


Robot Wallet

It's all fun and games until robots take over the world. Will the robots spare your life if you own this wallet? It couldn't hurt. It's $20 well spent.

Robot Takeover Wallet


Jolly Roger Wallet

Avast, me hearties. Tis a fine day to sail the seas. These wallets be made by a saucy wench and set ye back but 37 pieces of eight. Carry ye booty in style, says I.

Sparkle Vinyl Pirate Wallet ARRRGGGGH by hippofabulous


Cassette Tape Wallet

This funky, retro wallet cost $43. If you're under 20, this is a cassette. We used to put music on them when Michael Jackson was still black and MTV still played music videos.

designboom: cassette wallet [via lintcoat]

If you're handy or cheap, you can take the DIY route.


The Orange Wallet

"It's orange. It's a wallet." I like it. $15 plus $2 shipping.

The Wallet - Orange by tinymeat


Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets

Nostalgia + Duct Tape = Awesome Wallet
These are some of my favorite creations. Each have a character on the front, with 6 slots for your cards (each can fit 2 or 3 cards) and a pocket for your money and reciepts.
At $13 each plus $3 for shipping, it's not a bad price. But where's the bird and the frog?

Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets by ChelliChan