Evergreen Wallet

Go green. Save a tree. Kill an animal. Make a wallet.
Wood grain might be considered a tree's fingerprint, with each species showing a distinctive pattern. Hlaska reproduced the grain from actual pieces of ebony, cedar and pine, embossing the three different grains on smooth, vegetable-dyed leather.
$125 plus shipping
Evergreen Wallet [via StyleCrave]


Necktie & Suit Wallets

Neckties are professional nooses. They only serve three purposes: applying discomfort, blowing your nose, and demonstrating the manly skill of knot tying.

$28.00 plus $6 shipping
Recycled Necktie & Suit Wallet [via Uncrate]


Power Billfold

That's 220 volts of awesome right there. Unless you are American - then it's only 110 volts of awesome. Life is so unfair.

$28 plus $4 shipping
Power Bifold Wallet by QuietDoing